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About Me

I provide Look Design and Construction product design services. My best experience is conected with thermoplasts.
I take your ideas and turn them into reality with the use of industry specific and art tools.
The tools I use for the work I perform are 3D CAD programs like SolidWorks, PRO-e ,or Rhino. I can take your idea,
or image and create a product in a 3D environment, showing all form, fit, and function within the software.
You can use to view, shade, hide, measure, mark-up, or manipulate the model in a number of ways. I design
around manufacturability, always striving to design a product that is beautiful or stunning in style,
effective/functional in its use, and cost effective when manufactured. The 3D model becomes a digital prototype
within the software. The digital prototypes, in a lot of cases, eliminate the need for a physical prototype,
or can reduce the amount of time and money spent in the prototyping phase of each project. I can also produce
photo-realistic renderings from the 3D model within the software. The renderings can be used for presentations,
marketing, pre-sales, website images, advertising, or whatever else you feel the renderings could be used for.
The renderings add so much realism to the model and it allows you to experience the model in any number
or combinations of materials, textures, and colors giving you the advantage of knowing what your product should look
like before it goes to manufacturing.

I provide 2D to 3D conversions. Along with the modeling of product comes the technical drawing phase.
I am experienced at as well, including geometric tolerance and dimensioning.

I have a multitude of resources at my disposal for you and your project in the injection mold, CNC machining,
rapid prototyping. I have manufacturing experience, including International experience.

E very aspect of part design translates directly to mold design and building. I will assure that your part
is designed the most cost effective way possible.

Jarek Perczak

From idea to reality

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